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Uranium Mill Tailings at Mailii Su, Kyrgyzstan

(last updated 14 Sep 2004)

Between 1945 and 1968, uranium was mined and milled at Mailii Su in Southern Kyrgyzstan. In addition to local ores, uranium ores from Eastern Germany, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, and China have been processed. After the shutdown of the operations, two mills, eight waste rock piles and 23 tailings ponds were left over. The total mass of the uranium mill tailings contained in these tailings ponds amounts to 2.3 million tonnes.

Although the larger ones of these tailings deposits have been covered with gravel and clay, most of them present considerable environmental hazards:

> Start here for a guided tour of the uranium mill and mill tailings sites of Mailii Su (in English, posted with permission).

> View full report by Gerhard Schmidt (in German , posted with permission)

A Russian language hardcopy version of the full report (without photographs) can be obtained from the author Gerhard Schmidt, E-mail: g.schmidt [æt] oeko.de

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