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Uranium Mining and Exploration Companies - Precautionary Notice  

(this page last updated 21 Feb 2023)

A precautionary notice for...
  • ...the Venturesome Investor:
    1. This is not the place; the whole site is completely biased ⛐, and you find here selected "bad news" only (IAEA-certified ).
    2. If you don't care and make any investment decisions based on information found on this site: this is your problem ⛍
    3. Please be aware that the terms of use for this site do not allow for commercial use of the information found here.
    4. Copying of the contents (in whole or in parts) to investor discussion groups is not permitted.
    5. Please leave this site now.
    6. It is most gratifying that your enthusiasm for our site continues unabated, and so we would like to assure you that this site is equipped with the latest commerce-o-sensitive software, which will trigger within 5 seconds, unless you leave. Once triggered, its ultimate credit-tap module will determine your credit card account 💳︎ immediately and charge it with $1 per 10 seconds viewing time. Repeat offenders will be sentenced to watch all of this (view transcript ) while the counter keeps clicking. In addition, the module will claim 50% of any speculative gains made with knowledge obtained from this site. This is part of a special service we extend to all of our most enthusiastic clients. To ensure ongoing quality of service, your face upon receipt of your bank statement may be monitored for training purposes. Thank you.
      (By the way, this also answers most of those probing questions on WISE Uranium Project's financial background 💰︎ and on its favourite radio program 📻︎)

  • ...the Owner of Websites Serving and/or Milking the Venturesome Investor Community or whomever:
    1. Please be aware that the terms of use for this site do not allow for commercial use of the information found here.
    2. Mirroring and hotlinking is not permitted.
    3. No, we don't sell advertising space on our website.

  • ...the Junior Exploration Co with the aggressive acquisition strategy:
    1. Green (, ) is the color of hope.
    2. Would you please check our most promising list of New business opportunities pursued by failed uranium companies 🌄︎ first, before considering to actually enter the uranium business.
    3. If you ignore this advice, would you please, please follow the advice of your peers and consider merging with one of those beautiful gems of a company listed here rather than coming up with a company of your own: it is getting absolutely annoying to maintain this ever growing list of companies here.
    4. If you don't follow this advice either, would you please check the attached list before choosing a name for your emerging company, for we won't have to mess around with so many duplicate names.
    5. "Deposit" () means something that is mineable now, or in the foreseeable future, at least. Acquisition of a property at less than 300 km from McArthur River does not automatically qualify for this category, nor 100 t U at a grade of 0.01% U 1500 m below ground and at 1000 km from the nearest milk-churn. The classification criteria are changing from time to time, so some inconsistencies may arise.
    6. There is no need whatsoever to alert us on your latest highly prospective, strategically located acquisitions, nor on your aggressive, discovery focused exploration programs, nor your encouraging drilling results, nor your potentially interesting finds; we will include and classify your company at our unauthoritative discretion. You may drop a message, however, once Cameco buys you up.
    7. Each time your homepage is reached from this site, the ultimate credit-tap module activates and charges your credit card account 💳︎ with $1. You can unsubscribe from this service by transfering $1000 annually to WISE Uranium. (And, this answers the remaining questions on WISE Uranium Project's financial background 💰︎ )
    8. Green (, ) is the color of hope.

  • ...the Historic Uranium Stock Certificate Owner: sorry, we cannot help you. We are fully occupied by scaring off 😠︎ all those venturesome investors and by keeping pace with the breath-takingly aggressive, strategically encouraged gang of current stock certificate issuers, so we can't deal with their predecessors, too.

  • ...the Consultant for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), website design, or any other website-related services: we are aware that the design of the website is a nightmare, but we just happen to like it that way, so please abstain from any inquiries.
In other words: observe the copyright and refrain from any inquiries regarding companies, unless concerning correction of factual errors.

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