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Uranium ore beneficiation

(last updated 6 Jan 2022)



Ore beneficiation is the extraction of higher grade fraction from the mined uranium ore, by physical means such as kinetic processing and/or sorting. It is used for low-grade uranium ore to considerably reduce the amount of material that has to be processed in a uranium mill, while losing only a minor fraction of the contained uranium.

Note: The opposite of ore beneficiation is ore dilution. This is used for some very high grade ores that are blended with lower-grade material to allow for easier processing in a uranium mill, as used for ores from the Cigar Lake and McArthur River mines (Saskatchewan), and proposed for the Roughrider and Midwest projects (Saskatchewan).

To assess the mass and grade balance of beneficiation and dilution processes, try the
> Uranium Ore Sorting Calculator


Ore sorting

An uranium ore beneficiation process by separating chunks of higher grade material from lower grade material, using physical processes such as radiometric sorting, or X-ray fluorescence (XRF) based sorting and reverse flotation.

Ore sorting was proposed for the following uranium mine projects:


Physical ore preprocessing


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