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Uranium Miner Health Risk Calculator

(last updated 16 Feb 2016)
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Calculate the health risk for a uranium miner with a known radiation exposure history, and, in case he has contracted cancer, the probability of causation for the specific type of cancer **).

The radiation exposure considered includes inhalation of radon, short-lived radon progeny, lead-210, uranium dust, and external gamma radiation exposure. The exposure data can be selected from a list of data sets provided, or own data can be entered.

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"t" means metric tonne.

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Exposure Data    

Lung cancer lifetime risk factor: per WLM

  Personal Exposure History  
Note: all entries are calendar years (4 digits)
Year of birth:
Year of first exposure:
Year of last exposure:
Year at risk / Year of cancer developed:



Cumulative radon progeny dose: WLM
Lifetime lung cancer risk: %   =   1 :

Model results for fatal cancer risk in Year at Risk
 ModelExcess relative riskProbability of causation **)
Lung cancerJacobi'92%  
Oral cavity / throat cancer *)Jacobi'95%  
Bone cancer *)Jacobi'97%  
Leukemia *)Jacobi'95%  
Liver cancer *)Jacobi'97%  

*) Note: to calculate cancers other than lung cancer, data must be entered in the exposure data table for all parameters for each year of exposure. For the exposure data sets provided, this is true only for the German Wismut data for the years 1946 - 1955!
**) Please note the Caveat on the calculation of the probability of causation

Health Risk Summary Chart

Risk contribution of exposure parameters in Year at Risk



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