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Universal Decay Calculator

(last updated 14 Dec 2020)
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For educational purposes only. No warranty.
ORNL is the source of the decay data used in this calculator.

Calculate radioactive decay of 838 nuclides, including ingrowth and decay of their progeny.

Enter the parameters and click the "Calculate" button below. HELP

Numbers can be entered in exponential notation: 5 · 10-6 = 5e-6
"t" means metric tonne.

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    Nuclide Input                
Activity Unit
Bq     kBq     MBq     GBq     TBq     mCi     Ci
Series NameNuclide NameInitial Activitypureequil. *indiv. **
* nuclide initially in secular equilibrium with its progeny
** individual specification of initial activity for each nuclide of series

Output Parameters                
Time PeriodChart TypeChart DetailChart Axes
no chart
line chart
stacked areas
animated bars
total activities of each series
all individual nuclide activities
individual nuclide activities for selected series:
      (multiple selections with CTRL-key)

show total for selection (line chart only)
log. Y axis (line chart only)
     Decades on log. Y axis:

log. time axis/time steps



(Click legend items to toggle specific curves on/off)

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