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Facilities for Uranium Recovery from Phosphate

(last updated 21 Oct 2010)


Wet Phosphoric Acid Process

(data is rather outdated...)

CountryOwner/ControllerPlant Name/LocationNominal CapacityU Recovery
[kt P2O5 / year][MTU/year]
BelgiumUmipray S.A. / Prayon Puurs and Engis a)13047Halt
BrazilINB Itataia, Ceará 680Planned
CanadaEarth Sciences Inc.Calgary, Alberta [ISSUES](110) Halt
United States formerly W.R.Grace Plant / Bartow, FL330 Halt
Wyoming Minerals Corp.Farmland / Pierce, FL450 Halt
Gardinier Inc.Tampa, FL450 Halt 
International Minerals & Chemicals Corp. (IMC)New Wales, FL1500 Halt
CF Industries / IMCPlant City, FL750 Halt
Bartow, FL(600) Halt
Freeport Uranium Recovery Co.Uncle Sam / Convent, LA [ISSUES]820 Halt
Sunshine Bridge / Donaldsonville, LA480 Halt
TaiwanInstitute of Nuclear ResearchChina Phosphate / Lung Tan33 Halt
Total ? 
a) Puurs (near Antwerp): acid pretreatment and first cycle of extraction/stripping; Engis (near Liège): second cycle and refinery
MTU = metric tonnes of uranium metal.
() = shut down
Source: The Recovery of Uranium from Phosphoric Acid , IAEA-TECDOC-533, International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, 1989, 104 p.

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