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  • JavaScript must be enabled in the Internet browser.

  • For audio playback, the computer must have a sound card, and the Internet browser must support the audio element.

  • With audio enabled, the slide talks are not suitable for modem connections. The bandwith used for the audio comment is 64 kbit/s.

  • Minimum screen size is 1024 x 768 pixels (XGA). If scroll bars appear in the image frame, maximize the browser window, close all other tabs, and/or disable unnecessary browser toolbars, to maximize the net screen area.

  • Do not use browser's Back key; only use the control panel buttons below.
    The Replay slide [o] button replays the current slide.

  • If the Next slide [>] button is pressed before completion of the audio playback several times in a row, the Mute checkbox is activated automatically to avoid unnecessary traffic.

  • Yes, we are aware that the audio comment is provided by an unprofessional speaker with a Germanic accent. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. To avoid headaches or serious entanglements of brain convolutions, native speakers might prefer to use the Mute checkbox.