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Neutron Activation Calculator

(last updated 4 Mar 2024)
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The decay and air kerma data is taken from ICRP-07 Data Files © A. Endo and K.F. Eckerman 2008.
The cross sections are taken from the report IAEA INDC(NDS)-440 and/or the former PCNuDat data base at BNL .

Search radioactive activation products of elements and nuclides exposed to neutron radiation and show resulting air kerma.

Enter search mode first, then enter parameters and click the "Calculate" button below. HELP
Numbers can be entered in exponential notation: 5.1 · 10-6 = 5.1e-6
"t" means metric tonne.

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Search Mode
Forward (Search activation products)
Reverse (Search original nuclides)

Output Parameters         HELP                
  thermal neutron activation (n,γ)
  fast neutron activation (n,2n)   (n,3n)   (n,p)   (n,t)   (n,α)




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(For more properties of radionuclides see the Nuclear Data Viewer)

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