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Nuclear Fuel Population Health Risk Calculator

(last updated 5 Nov 2021)
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Calculate collective doses and health risks from the production of nuclear fuel.

Enter a value into any one field of the Material Balance and click the "Calculate" button below.     HELP
"t" means metric tonne.

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Material Balance
Uranium Mine t Ore (= t U) t Waste Rock
Uranium Mill t U3O8 (= t U) t Mill Tailings
Conversion t UF6 (nat) 
Enrichment t UF6 (enriched) t UF6 (depleted)
Fuel Fab. t UO2 (= t U) 
Power Plant GWhe ( = GWae) t spent fuel

Population Health Risk Summary
 Collective DoseFatal Cancers
Mineman Sv
Millman Sv
Mill Tailingsman Sv
(Mine, Mill, Tailings)
man Sv
Power Plantman Sv
Reactor Wasteman Sv
Totalman Sv

Source Term (Radon-222)
 in operationafter shutdownTotal
MineTBq TBq
MillTBq TBq
Mill TailingsTBqTBqTBq


Initital Radon-222 Release Rate from Tailings
barecoveredU.S. EPA Standard (40 CFR 192)
Bq/m2s   Bq/m2s   0.74 Bq/m2s

     Health Risk Parameters    
Mine Specific Radon Emission: GBq/t U3O8
Mill Specific Radon Emission: GBq/t U3O8
Mill Tailings
Tailings Thickness: m  ·  Tailings Density: g/cm3
Specific Radon Exhalation Rate: Bq/m2s per BqRa-226/g
Time to Cover Installation: years · Cover Radon Retention: %
Common Data
(Mine, Mill, Tailings)
Population Density: Persons per km2
Truncation Distance for Air Dispersion: km · Mixing Layer Height: m
Annual Precipitation: cm (used in precise mode only)
Radon Progeny Equilibrium Fraction: (used in fast mode only)
Air Dispersion Calculation Mode: Fast   Precise (recommended)

  Fractional Frequency of Wind Speed Classes  
Average Wind Speed [m/s]

Power Plant Normalized collective eff. dose (without global Carbon-14): man Sv per GWae
Normalized Carbon-14 Release: TBq per GWae
Norm. all time coll. eff. dose for globally dispersed Carbon-14: man Sv per TBq
Reactor Waste Normalized collective effective dose: man Sv per GWae
General Data Radon Dose Factor: nSv/h per Bq/m3 EEC
Radiation Risk Factor: per Sv
Truncation Time for Dose Calculations: years


    Process Parameters    
Ore Deposit Waste/Ore Ratio:  ·  Ore Grade: wt-% U
Mill Extraction Losses: %
Conversion Losses: %
Enrichment Product Assay: wt-% U-235  ·  Tails Assay: wt-% U-235
Fuel Fabrication Losses: %
Power Plant Fuel Burnup: GWd/t U  ·  Efficiency: %


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