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MOX Fuel Calculator

(last updated 27 Dec 2021)
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Calculate the mass balance for Mixed Oxide (MOX) fuel production.

Enter a value into any one field of the flow chart and click the "Calculate" button below. HELP
"t" means metric tonne.
"UN" stands for uranyl nitrate: UO2(NO3)2

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Uranium component:
Plutonium component:
(= t U)(= t Pu)
t UO2   MOX Fuel Plant     t PuO2
MOX Product:
(= t HM)

MOX Product properties:
Puf:      wt-% HM
U-235: wt-% HM
U-234: wt-% HM   (= g/gU-235)   ASTM compliance:
U-236: wt-% HM   (= g/gU-235)   ASTM compliance:

    Process Parameters    
Plutonium component Puf equiv. of U-235: g Puf per g U-235
Puf conc. in total Pu: wt-% Puf
Uranium component
DU = depleted uranium · Unat = natural uranium · SEU = slightly enriched uranium · Urep = reprocessed uranium

Assay: wt-% U-235   ·   wt-% U-234 *)   ·   wt-% U-236

If Uranium component is obtained by enrichment:
Origin Assay: wt-% U-235   ·   Tails Assay: wt-% U-235 **)
MOX ProductAssay: wt-% U-235 equiv.
GeneralFactor for U-236 effect: excess wt-% U-235 per wt-% U-236
*) automatically inserted upon entry of U-235 assay or Origin Assay - can be overwritten
**) in case of DU use for uranium component, entry of product assay possible

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