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Uranium Ore Sorting Calculator - HELP

(last updated 8 Nov 2012)



The Uranium Ore Sorting Calculator determines the mass balance of uranium ore sorting (or beneficiation), a process performed in some cases to remove low-grade material from mined uranium ore before sending it to a uranium mill for further processing. The results can be used for entry in the Uranium Mine Feasibility Calculator, for example.
The calculator can also be used to determine the mass balance for ore blending, as performed for the milling of high-grade ores, if negative numbers are entered for the Reject data.

If sufficient data available on a sorting process is entered in the appropriate fields of the "Data" table, the other fields are determined upon pressing the "Calculate" button. The units for data entry and display can be selected (and changed at any time) from the drop-down lists provided for each column.

"Feed" is the ore coming from the mine, "Reject" is the low-grade material removed from the incoming material during the sorting process, and "Accept" is the material (now with a - hopefully - improved grade) sent to the uranium mill for further processing.

If the data is entered in a share column, then the data field of one stream can be left free, to indicate that the remainder is to be assumed for this stream.

Sample data sets for the sorting process of several (proposed) uranium mines can be selected from a drop-down list.

Note: the calculator has no information on the grade/mass distribution of the ore, so cannot determine whether the data entered makes any sense...


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